Nominate A Neighbor!
Each month, we highlight several residents, and their stories in magazine. Do you have someone you'd like to nominate? Someone whose story begs to be shared with the neighborhood? Specifically, we are featuring the following:
-Family of the Month
-Pet of the Month
-Young Achievers / Kid of the Month
-Yard/Garden of the Month
-Home of the Month
-Recipe of the Month
-Volunteer/Philanthropist of the Month
-Travel Tales (share your vacation photos with us!)
-Resident Business Owner Spotlight

Please use this form to nominate a neighbor and we will reach out to them.

If you have an announcement or congratulatory message you'd like to share with the community, please fill out the bottom portion of the form as well - if you have any photos to share with your announcement, please email them (high resolution 1MB or greater) to:
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What type of story are you nominating for?
Who are you nominating?
Contact info (phone, email, etc.) for your nomination
Any other details about their story you'd like to share before we contact them?
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