Harmony School of Excellence-Houston-Climate Survey: Parent Survey
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How long have your child/children been attending Harmony School of Excellence-Houston? *
What grade level is/are your child/children in? *
How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements about Harmony School of Excellence-Houston? Mark One Response
Harmony School of Excellence-Houston provides instructional materials (e.g., textbooks, handouts) that reflect students' cultural background, ethnicity, and identity. *
Harmony School of Excellence-Houston communicates how important it is to respect the practices of all cultures. *
Harmony School of Excellence-Houston helps me figure out what social and emotional skills my child needs to develop (e.g., self-control, problem solving, or getting along with others.) *
At Harmony School of Excellence-Houston, my child feels he/she belongs. *
I feel welcome at this school. *
This school encourages me to be an active partner in educating my child. *
I feel comfortable talking to someone at this school about my child's behavior. *
Harmony School of Excellence-Houston has quality programs for my child's talents, gifts, or special needs. *
This school promptly responds to my phone calls, messages, or emails. *
At this school, the staff really cares about my child. *
This school is a friendly place overall. *
Staff at this school care about what families think. *
My child is safe at this school. *
Racial/ethnic conflict among students is a problem at this school. *
Bullying of students at school or school activities is a problem at this school. *
Bullying of students via electronic means or devices is a problem at this school (cyberbullying.) *
The school notifies parents and guardians effectively in the case of a school-wide emergency. *
This school takes effective measures to ensure the safety of students. *
This school sees me as partner in my child's education. *
My child's teachers make themselves available to me. *
The programs and resources at this school are adequate to support students with special needs or disabilities. *
School rules are applied equally to all students. *
Discipline is fair. *
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