Flash Running Academy
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Child(ren) Name and Date of Birth
Parent and/or Guardian Name
Primary Phone Number (include your name)
Alternate Phone Number (incase primary is unavailable)
Email and Primary Home Address
What is your child’s previous experience?
What are your child’s goals? (example: fitness, to have fun, conditioning for sports)
How did you hear about our club?
Please list any pre-existing medical conditions that we, as coaches, should be aware of?
In consideration for the training program in which my child will be participating with the Chino Hills Flash, I fully and forever waive all rights and claims for any injuries and damages that may occur during said program. I agree to hold free liability any representative, coach, administrator, director, volunteer or sponsor of Chino Hills Flash, Boys Republic, and facilities in which we hold organized training sessions. Furthermore, I enter this program knowing that certain risk of injury does exist and by signing below, I am also implying that I my child has been medically cleared by my physician to participate in this type of physical fitness training program. As we I give permission to Chino Hills Flash and their associates to use and photos captured during regular training sessions, races, and club events for advertisement, promotional, and other uses.
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