Houston Web3 & Ethereum Community DAO Interest Survey

Survey Purpose:

The goal of this survey is to gain deeper understandings of your interests, experiences, and expectations within the Web3 space. With this knowledge, we can better align our efforts with the needs and aspirations of our partners, collaborators, and members and put Houston on the map as a city with a strong Web3 community.

Aligning with Community Needs:
Understanding your journey in the Web3 space allows us to align the DAO's formation and activities with the actual needs and aspirations of its members. This alignment is key to ensuring that the DAO serves as an effective and relevant platform for everyone involved.

Inclusive Foundation Building:
Your input will play a significant role in laying the groundwork for our DAO. We are committed to creating a decentralized autonomous organization that is built on the diverse experiences and aspirations of its members, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued from the onset.

You are receiving this survey because you have participated in a Web3 event. This survey is not anonymous (your email will be recorded) and you can provide your name. This survey takes < 5 minutes to complete. Responses will be shared with H-Town DAO organizers.

Let's collaboratively shape a DAO that resonates with our collective vision and experiences in the Web3 world.

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