Gold Partner Applications BESW 2019
Big Energy Saving Week 2019 will be the week commencing the 21 January 2019. Following the success of last year's campaign, the theme for this year will continue to promote the message of 'Check, Switch, Save' and we will be encouraging consumers to switch energy suppliers.

The deadline to receive applications for funding is Monday 29 October. The money is conditional on confirming the details of your events by 7 January 2019, monitoring outcomes at events, filling in an evaluation form and completing client surveys. For more details on the requirements for Gold and how to fill in this form, see the guidance at

If successful, you will receive £4000 to:

- Deliver a minimum of 5 outreach events for local people
- Produce / source any available locally relevant resources and giveaways
- Encourage other partners to get involved with public-facing work, including through the dissemination of local resources and partnership working
- Consider targeted education messaging for underserved groups in your community (rural, digitally excluded, people in vulnerable situations etc)
- Run a sustained social media campaign during the week
- Plan and carry out a local media campaign engaging with local print, radio and/or television.
- Distribute Big Energy Saving Week awareness resources and/or training to other frontline workers in the region to cascade to their consumers/clients about energy efficiency and other saving tips.
- Engage local MPs and councillors in awareness raising activities
- Monitor, capture and follow up on outcomes of engagement and consumer actions taken as a result of BESW, including completing client surveys

*Please note that if you apply for Gold funding and are unsuccessful you will automatically be considered for Silver funding unless you opt out below.*

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Your name and email will be shared with other local organisations supporting BESW. If you would like to provide separate contact details for that purpose, please provide those here:
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Please confirm you are able to host a minimum of 5 public events during Big Energy Saving Week and register them using an online form by 1 January 2019 *
Please confirm you will complete and record outcomes at events using a monitoring form, as well as completing an evaluation and client surveys. You may be contacted for further info about these. *
Question A: Describe the public events you would run and how you would publicise them (250 word limit). *
Number of events, target audience, location, number of attendees expected. Activity at events - who will lead this and how will they be helping consumers. Methods you would use to publicise the events. Examples of when you have conducted similar activity and what results you got.
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Question B: How will you monitor/record your activities and their impact, and what outcomes do you expect? (250 word limit) *
Monitoring and evaluating our work is a key component of all our campaigns. We will provide you with a monitoring form to use at events to record financial and other outcomes and will expect you to report back on outcomes in the evaluation form we send out post BESW. We will also expect you to complete client surveys. We will be looking at the following: Volume and variety of financial and other outcomes you expect to achieve for consumers, such as switching energy provider or tariff, grants, energy efficiency savings.See guidance for full details.
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Question C - Please outline your plan for delivering the campaign in your area: (500 word limit) *
We will be looking at the following: aims and objectives, target audience, engagement with local partners including MPs, social media and local media plan. See guidance for full details.
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Please note that if you apply for Gold funding and are unsuccessful you will automatically be considered for Silver funding unless you opt out below.
Please explain in a couple of sentences what you would do differently if you received Silver funding, e.g. how many events would you be able to run
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If you have any questions, please contact
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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