Survey of Magento Developers and SIs' experience implementing third party extensions
As a developer, whether in-house or with an agency, it's pretty much guaranteed you've worked with third party extensions before.
What's almost as certain is that, at some point, you've come across something that makes you want to mash your face into the keyboard.
From poor code quality; performance issues; security holes; or extensibility issues, there are myriad reasons why integrating an off-the-shelf solution into a custom ecommerce store can hit a wall.

The aim of this survey is to identify some of the most common and the most serious pain points that you encounter when working with third party code.
The results will be analysed in a series of articles, with the goal of helping educate vendors and turning SIs into advocates.

The survey is split into three main sections

* Some background about you and your projects, to help identify trends in different demographics
* How you choose, vet, and address issues when using third party modules, and
* Which features and code smells matter most when assessing an extension's suitability

There's also a completely optional section at the end, in case you are interested in following up your answers with a brief chat

Finally, thank you for your interest and input,
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