Journey to Excellence-Crew Score Card
Planning and budget: Have a program plan and budget that is regularly reviewed by the committee, and it follows BSA policies relating to fundraising.
Building Venturing: Have an increase in Venturing membership or maintain a larger than average Crew size.
Retention: Retain a significant percentage of youth members.
Adventure: Conduct regular activities including a Tier II or Tier III adventure.
Leadership: Develop youth who will provide leadership to crew meetings and activities.
Personal growth: Provide opportunities for achievement and self-actualization.
Service: Participate in service projects with at least one benefiting the chartered organization.
Leadership recruitment: Have a proactive approach in recruiting sufficient leaders and communicating with parents.
Trained leadership: Have trained and engaged leaders at all levels.
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Our Crew has completed online rechartering by the deadline in order to maintain continuity of our program.
We certify that these requirements have been completed.
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