Night on Broadway 2017 Volunteer Sign-Up
Let us know what you'd like to do and provide your volunteering interests below. We appreciate the time you are donating to make Night On Broadway awesome. Volunteers will be provided with advanced training, free parking, food, an identifying t-shirt, and our undying appreciation! Cheers to our Volunteers!
I am 18 years or older and want to volunteer for Night on Broadway.
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When can you volunteer? (multiple segments can be selected)
Pre-show Crew - Count on me to help in the week prior to the event. I am handy and can build things.
Pass things out & interact with people. I'm friendly & good at answering questions.
Logistics - getting stuff where it needs to be; making sure materials are stocked, signs are posted, booths are setup, and displays look great.
Crowd / line management. I am friendly, and not timid. I can firmly and politely tell people what to do and get them to do it.
Theatre help and stage crew. I like being behind the scenes.
Technical & General Assistance - festival area / production.
Kids Zone Volunteer - set-up and operation of kids activities, kids stage, games, and family-friendly activities
Food & beverage - can vary from helping stock the green rooms for talent to bringing food to the theatres for crew.
Gopher - venue to venue, spot to spot, count on me to do what I'm asked and come back for more!
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