Drift Jam 2019 - April 20 @Gamebridge

- Drivers must have at least 1 season of experience to participate (this cannot be your first event)
- All vehicles must have functional exhaust systems with muffling devices
- Cars must be complete and have all body panels present
- Drivers MUST attend the drivers meetings. Drivers meetings are at 9:30 AM.
- The track is hot from 10 AM till 4 PM
- Fire extinguisher MANDATORY
- No dripping leaks
- Battery tie down mandatory
- Sound limit of 110 DB. If you aren't familiar, 110 DB is around as loud as a turbo fan plane that's about to take off at 200 feet. Steel mills are also this loud. So are car horns, 1 meter away from them. Is your car louder than any of these things? If so, please put a muffler on. Straight piped VQ/BMW owners, I'm looking at you.
- Convertibles must have a roll bar

Tech officials will inspect your car the day of, but if you have any questions about your setup PLEASE contact us.

If you have any trouble filling out this form or do not have a google account, email us at driftjamcompetition@gmail.com

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