2017 WHBPC Survey - Non-player
Survey for non-playing attendees who want to be involved or just have fun!
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For communication prior to tournament.
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Email, phone or best way to contact you while you are traveling. *
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Please check here for housing info: http://whbpc.org
If interested in volunteering, when?
Monday 10/2
Tuesday 10/3
Wednesday 10/4
Thursday 10/5
Friday 10/6
Saturday 10/7
Sunday 10/8
What type of volunteer work most interests you?
We hope to compensate volunteers with wristbands, t-shirts, food, and beverages depending on your level of commitment.
If you plan to volunteer, what size shirt do you need?
Are you interested in being a paid referee?
If you plan to buy a $20 2017 WHBBPC t-shirt, what size?
What other WHBPC merch might you purchase?
Non-polo activity interests / field trips?
Anything else?
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