BFMG 2020 Workforce Application
Application form to join the BFMG workforce at any or all of their 2020 events.
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5 - Are you available for a paid set up/close down role? This is paid at £10/hour. Select all that apply
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8 - Have you worked at a BFMG event before?
9 - If selected Judging Team, please outline experience.
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10 - Do you require accommodation? (shared room) *
Volunteers who don't require accommodation will receive a £25 travel contribution for the weekend.
11 - Any other comments/relevant info. Have you been referred by anyone?
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12 - If you are a member at a Crossfit gym, which one?
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13 - If you have selected multiple events in Question 1, do your answers to 5 and 10 apply to all event choices. If No, please briefly explain
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