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This is an application form for Positions at Bettitude. For more or any information, kindly contact hello@bettitude.com

Privacy Statement: The personal information on this form is being collected for the purposes of recruiting and selecting volunteers wishing to work in/with Betitude Inc and Its subsidiaries. The information may also be required for evaluation purposes. Any evaluation reports developed will not identify individual volunteers by name. This information may be shared with Human Resources partner organizations and funding bodies if needed.

By signing this form I attest and agree that the information supplied is true and accurate. I understand that submitting this application form does not automatically register me as a volunteer and member of Bettitude but that there is a selection process including the completion of satisfactory documents and participation in training (if necessary). I confirm that I am willing to volunteer for the period I have stated and agreed upon and to attend and respond to group meetings or chat sessions when invited and to communicate effectively and professionally.
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