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Thank you for your interest in Scarf programs, which include hospitality training, mentoring and paid work experience for young people who are facing barriers to work.

Please complete the whole form and press submit at the end. Once we've received your referral we will contact you within one week to talk to arrange an interview.

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The next questions are about the young person being referred to Scarf. If you are filling out this form for somebody else, please enter their details.
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Scarf trainees are typically aged from 18 - 28 years. Sometimes we can make an exception on this age range.
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Scarf programs are for young people seeking protection and young people from a refugee or migrant background who are facing barriers to work.
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The Scarf Program
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Case Worker or Support Person
These questions are to be answered by the young person, or, if you're referring someone to the program, please put in your own details.
Do you currently have a case worker or key support person in your life? *
If you answered 'yes' to the last question, please answer the next 3 questions. If you answered 'no', you do not need to answer the next 3 questions.
Which organisation do they work for (ie. Brotherhood of St Laurence, Foundation House, ASRC)?
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