FAccT Network Affiliation Application
If you are organizing an event or special issue that you would like to be affiliated with the FAccT Network, fill out this form and the Network Chairs (Michael Ekstrand and Karen Levy) will review your application.

Accepted events must (1) cover FAccT topics in a central way (e.g. not just 1 topic among many in the call for papers), (2) have an open call for participation/submission, and (3) produce a publicly-disseminated final report.

Item (2) can be satisfied by closed workshops, so long as the call for submissions to be considered as a participant is open to all. Invite-only workshops are not eligible for FAccT Network affiliation.
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Title *
What is the title of your event or opportunity?
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Host Venue *
What is the host event or publication for your opportunity? For a workshop, this is the affiliated conference; for a special issue, the publishing journal.
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Contact Affiliation *
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Other Organizers
Who is on the organizing or editorial committee of the event? Please provide names + affiliations.
Submission Deadline
Event Date
Event Location
Event Web URL (if any)
Code of Conduct
Is there a Code of Conduct for this event? (Please note that FAccT Network inclusion requires a Code of Conduct!)
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Topic or Field *
What is the discipline, topic, or field this event will primarily target?
Paper Submissions? *
Types of Papers
Publication Outlet
If this event accepts paper submissions, where will they be disseminated?
Report Dissemination
Where do you expect to publish the final report for this event? This answer may be tentative. (Many forms of final report are acceptable -- from a brief blog post to a more detailed workshop report. If you have questions, please ask!)
How will interdisciplinary perspectives be promoted or recognized?
Why do you want to affiliate with FAccT?
What are the expected outcomes of this event?
What is the expected audience of the event?
Is there anything else you think we should know?
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