Global Coma Campaign for Comets 41P, 45P, 46P: Observer Information
Thanks for your interest in contributing to this campaign! The information you provide below will help us interpret your observations and properly incorporate them into the worldwide database. You do not need to answer every question, but the more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to use your data. If you are not sure how to answer a question, just enter "unsure."

If you have questions about the form, send an email to
-Nalin, Bea, Matthew, Tony, and Walt
Observer(s) *
Please list all observers who should be credited for this observation
Contact email address
Telescope name *
Location of telescope *
Please provide as much information as possible so that we can understand where your telescope is located. Latitude, longitude, and elevation are preferred. IAU observatory code or city/state/country can also be provided.
Size of primary mirror *
Please provide the aperture size and include units (e.g. 42-in, 1.1-m, etc.)
Filter(s) used for these observations *
Standard names (Johnson V, Cousins R, HB CN, etc.) or "unfiltered" are preferred. If non-standard, then please provide the approximate wavelength range if known.
Tracking type (sidereal or non-sidereal) *
Are you observing sidereally (tracking at the rate of the background stars so the comet is trailed), at the comet's rate (so the stars are trailed), or something else? If something else, please explain
Field of view *
Please provide the field of view and units (e.g. 10x10 arcmin)
Image size in pixels (e.g. 1024x1024) *
Pixel scale (arcsec per pixel) of images *
Image orientation and display tool *
When your images are displayed, what directions are north and east, and what program are you using to display? (e.g. north is up and east is to the left when displayed in SAOImage ds9)
Type of telescope mount (equatorial, alt-az, etc.) *
F-ratio of telescope (if known)
Typical seeing in arcsec at your location (if known)
Additional information
If there is any additional information you would like to tell us that might help us understand your telescope, please provide it here. If you have a webpage that provides additional information about your telescope (e.g. specifications) feel free to provide the URL here.
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