Portal for Registering All African Students based Foundations, Associations ,Unions, Organizations, Guild Councils, National Students' Associations, Clubs, Groups and institutions inside the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" for recognition and AUSC accreditation purpose.
The African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Committee has set the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 from January 1st 2016.

This Action Plan is in its 1st period starting from January 1st, 2016 to December 30th, 2016 , and was only reserved for massive recruitment of the AUSC Staff Leaders and Advisors, Associating Members and Affiliating and partners members that includes experienced leaders of All African National Students based Organizations, Associations, All African National Guild Councils/Unions and Clubs, All interested Non Students Organizations/Private and Public institutions and individual students All included .

This inclusion process aims for including all African Academicians without any particularities and with no discrimination, to be able to have full representation of their voices inside the African Union Leadership and Development Decision making to meet the mission, vision and the reasons of existence of the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve".

The AUSC International Leadership(IL) was made to be the first ever existed international inclusive Leadership , with an extraordinary decentralization system(DS) , which allows the individual students studying in different villages of different African Countries to become members , aqnd making AUSC becoming more accessible else where worldwide to meet African Students pursuing their studies in different diaspora , allowing all willing African Students Leaders to be given free recommendations for being African International Leaders with the recognition and accreditation provided by the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve".

The purpose of following this registration of each and every African Students led NGOs is to add the maximum Representation of African Students Views, and opinions inside the AUSC International leadership and development decision making in order to access the same benefits from the AU International leadership and development decision making .

This registration allows any registered students led body to have a Representative person. This person will be playing the role of an ambassador of his or her NGO inside the AUSC International Leadership and be able to represent their own organizations either as Associate member NGOs , Affiliated member NGOs or as Partner member NGOs inside AUSC , during all AUSC decision making meetings , Congresses and General Assemblies. This process allows registered Bodies to obtain equal chances to nominate their representatives( ambassadors) to contest for AUSC Leadership Vacant Positions during AUSC election periods.

AUSC members:

1. AUSC Associate member individuals are all individual African academicians who joined AUSC after receiving a Call for Application to join AUSC either invited face to face or online via social media, or through our official website(www.africanunionsc.org or www.africanusc.org) and being integrated following the AUSC inclusion process managed by the AUSC International Communication Office or other AUSC appointed Offices across Africa including current AUSC Leaders All.

2. AUSC Associate members NGOs are National Students based NGOs that accept to be part of AUSC and which seeks to be given endorsement and recognition of working as a National and as an International student body which is recognized by the AUSC recommending for their pleasure and success.

3. AUSC Affiliated NGOs are those NGOs wishing to work with AUSC as International NGOs and whose Mission and Vision are close and related to the AUSC Mission, Vision , Objectives and Activities.

4. AUSC Partners NGOs are those NGOs, Non-Students and students bodies , that can choose to be recognized as partner NGOs to the AUSC. However, AUSC Partner membership is only reserved for those NGOs and Institutions either public or Private , in which AUSC Offices activities and Projects are taking place as well as those International interested NGOs and Institutions wishing to be recognized for providing their financial based partnership with African Union Students' Council (AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve".

All registration online will be followed by receiving your NGOs "Registration Confirmation Code" sent within AUSC "Registration Confirmation e-mail for reply from the African Union Students' Council International Communication Office in two days.

This "Registration Confirmation Code" will be served as an Identity code for your Foundation, Association, Organization, Union, Council, Club, Group or Institution.

AUSC "Registration Confirmation e-mail will be requesting to provide a person who will automatically become the Representative(ambassador) of your registered body inside AUSC and also after receiving the full address and national Identification of that Representative .

The final step will be reserved for the African Union Students' Council President's Office , to provide "AUSC Certificate for Registration" of your Foundation, Association, NGO, Union, Council , Club, Group or Institution.

Moreover, the AUSC president's Office will provide the "Certificate for Appreciation" to the provided Representative(ambassador) of your Foundation, Association, NGO, Union, Council , Club, Group or Institution inside AUSC.

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