Donate Monthly to Support Children of Rural India - Mission 100
Our biggest strength is the community of people around us who support our movement. With people, we hold the ability to immerse in the lives of more and more children of rural areas.

We wish common people to come forward and build a movement of educational equity in rural India. We are looking for 100 common people to support us in imparting quality education in 12 most remotest villages of Maharashtra in 2019.

This year take your first step toward imparting quality education for more than 400 children across 12 villages. Sign up with the form below to donate every month to support education of children.

If you wish to adopt a fellowship, support a cluster of villages or fellows, donate specifically for female fellows and their training please write to us at and we will discuss for the ways to make it happen.
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We will keep you updated with Insight Walk's progress in villages. Let us know if this is ok with you.
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