Mizmor LeDavid Membership and Seat Application for 5780 (2019-20)

Welcome to Mizmor LeDavid.

Website http://mizmorledavid.org/ email: mizmorledavid@gmail.com

Please complete this form, send, and pay to become a member, to register to give and receive Shabbat hospitality, and to obtain high holiday seats.

Full single yearly membership
Includes donation of 600, one High Holidays seat at 200. Total: 800 nis.

Full couple yearly membership
Includes donation of 1100, two seats for all High Holidays at 200 each. Total: 1,500 nis.

Associate membership
Service participation for the year, no full membership or high holiday seat: 250 nis.

Extra High Holiday Seats

Each Child (8 to 21) of member
Seat for all High Holidays 150 nis

Each Adult guest of member
Rosh Hashana seat: 200 nis.
Yom Kippur seat: 200 nis.

Each Child guest of member
Rosh Hashana seat: 150 nis.
Yom Kippur seat: 150 nis.

Soldier or Sherut Leumi
High Holidays seat: free.

Israel: Pay by direct bank payment to Bank 12 Branch 748 Account 445536 (Mizmor, Bank Hapoalim, Derech Hebron Branch) or by check (max 3 payments one month apart) mailed to Mizmor LeDavid, c/o Kummer, Giladi 2a, Jerusalem 93385/ For direct transfer, tell us at the end of this form the expected date and bank of transfer so we can track it. If possible send a record, such as a screenshot, bank transfer reference or electronic copy of transfer to betty.kefintl@gmail.com

USA: Mail a check made out to Central Fund of Israel to: CFI, c/o Marcus Brothers Textiles, 980 6th Ave., New York, NY 10018 or to: CFI, Rechov HaGoel 13, Efrat 9043500. Write in the Memo section of the check: "Mizmor LeDavid Shul membership". Please note: our understanding is that membership fees are not tax deductible in the US. But donations are, and so should be paid separately as (using the memo section of the check): "donation to Mizmor LeDavid Building, Mizmor LeDavid Shul, or Mizmor LeDavid Keren Doris."
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