FREE Anti-Oppressive Approaches to Conflict Resolution Workshop
Join us at Saint James United Church (1435 rue City Councillors 3rd floor) on August 14th at 3:30 pm (This date is subject to change)! Coffee and snacks will be served. This is a workshop for parents and educators, but children are welcome to join us as well.

Veuillez NE PAS venir si vous vous sentez malade! Nous demandons à tous les clients de respecter les mesures de distance sociale (2 mètres ou 6 pieds de distance entre les individus de différents ménages) et encourageons les familles à porter des couvre-visages si elles le peuvent. NOUS NOUS EXCUSONS QUE NOUS NE SOMMES PAS EN MESURE D'OFFRIR LA GARDE D'ENFANTS CET ÉTÉ EN RAISON DES CIRCONSTANCES ACTUELLES AUTOUR DE COVID-19. Nous demandons que les enfants soient accompagnés d'au moins un (1) adulte.

Please do not come if you are feeling sick or experiencing symptoms! We ask that all guests respect social distancing measures (2 metres or 6 feet of distance between individuals from different households) and encourage families to wear masks. WE APOLOGIZE THAT WE ARE NOT ABLE TO OFFER CHILDCARE THIS SUMMER DUE TO THE CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES SURROUNDING COVID-19. We ask that children are accompanied by at least one (1) adult.
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