Clarke County Sheriff's Office Public Service Survey
Please take a moment to fill out and submit the below public safety survey so we may better serve the needs of our residents. Please select an answer from the drop down menu, or provide comments where applicable. Thank you for assisting us.
Crime & Quality of Life
1. Please rate the seriousness of the following crimes and quality of life issues in Clarke County for the past 5 years. (Select one answer for each item)
Very Serious
Moderately Serious
Slightly Serious
Not A Problem
Don't Know
Domestic Violence
Unlawful Drug Use
Animal control problems
Unlawful Weapon Use
Property Theft
Organized Crime/Gangs
Speeding Motor Vehicles
Poor Driving Attitudes
Drunk Driving
Credit Card/Check Fraud
Computer/Internet/Cyber Crime
Vehicle Theft
Harassing/Annoying Phone Calls
Public Drinking
Unnecessary noise
Underage Drinking
Sheriff's Office Interaction
Please select yes or no.
Stopped to ask a Deputy Sheriff advice or directions
Stopped to talk to a Deputy Sheriff about a community issue
Called the Sheriff’s Office to discuss a community issue
Been involved in a police/community outreach program (ex. Child Safety Seat, Bicycle Safety)
Been stopped for a traffic offense by a Deputy Sheriff
Been questioned by a Deputy Sheriff and released (other than for a traffic offense)
Reported a crime to the Sheriff’s Office
Been arrested by a Deputy Sheriff
Filed a formal complaint against a Deputy Sheriff
Neighborhood Watch
Please select yes or no.
Does your neighborhood have a citizen crime watch group?
If no, would you participate in a crime watch group?
Safety Opinion
In your opinion, compared to other communities in the Shenandoah Valley area, how safe is Clarke County overall?
Crime Prevalence
I feel that:
The Office
Please respond whether you agree or disagree with the following statements. Please select one answer for each item.
Strongly Agree
No Opinion
Strongly Disagree
The Sheriff’s presence in my neighborhood is appropriate for the need
Traffic enforcement in Clarke County meets the needs of the community
The Sheriff’s Office gives proper attention to minor crimes (i.e. vandalism, disturbances, etc.)
The Sheriff’s Office is providing appropriate community education and outreach programs
Efforts of the Sheriff’s Office to enforce the law are compatible with community needs
The Sheriff’s Office responds to emergency calls in a timely manner
Deputy Sheriff’s treat people with respect
Deputy Sheriff’s respect the rights of individuals and treat people fairly
Telephone calls to the Sheriff’s Office are handled professionally and courteously
A formal complaint brought against a Deputy Sheriff will receive a fair, objective and timely response
The Sheriff’s Office solicits and welcomes community input
Deputy Sheriffs are respected by the community
The Sheriff’s Office has a good public image
The Sheriff’s Office does its job well
Deputy Sheriffs look professional in appearance
Sheriff’s Office information provided in local newspaper is useful
Deputy Sheriff’s provide timely and useful information to persons reporting crimes
The Sheriff’s Office publicizes its services and programs adequately
The thing I like best about the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office is:
Please provide comments below.
Your answer
The thing I would most like to see improved at the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office is:
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Please list the most significant values or characteristics that a Deputy Sheriff should possess.
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Other comments or expansion of previous answers.
Please provide comments below.
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