College Access & Success Micro-Grant Application
**NEW AS OF 1/1/2019** Going forward, receipts will be sent using this form and should NOT be sent via a separate email. In order to submit attachments via this form, you will need to use a GMAIL account. If you do not have a gmail account, you can create one for free at

HEADS UP: If you are completing this application after 12 PM on a Thursday, your application will not be processed until next Friday. If you are completing it and can provide supporting documentation before 12 PM on a Thursday, your application will be processed this Friday.


You can receive money throughout the academic year in micro-grant funds to use towards your college expenses.

★ Request exactly the amount of money you need.
★ Do not include tax, as we are a tax-exempt organization.
★ Request no more than $350.00 at a time
★ You may only have one active application at a time
★ Provide receipts for all purchases/expenses.
★ You can only receive funds for purchases you made within your current semester.
★ You MUST be in touch with your Captain AND have submitted your transcript from the last semester (unless you were not enrolled in school or are a first semester freshman) to be approved.

This application must be fully completed in order for it to be reviewed. Any missing items will lead to serious delays. You must meet all reporting requirements and must remain in good standing with us in order to receive any micro-grants.

Email with any questions or concerns.

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