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Parking Registration
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Parking Violations

Parking privileges can be revoked for failure to follow parking rules, driving laws enacted by the State of Tennessee, and any other reason deemed appropriate by Administration. All front row parking spaces along the orange and blue parking lots are reserved for staff and visitors only. Students are prohibited from parking in any other areas on campus other than the designated parking lots listed above unless permission granted by Administration.

Parking hangers are to be displayed on the rear view mirror in plain view not obstructed by anything hanging on the mirror. If the vehicle does not have a rear view mirror the hanger is to be displayed on the dash in plain view or taped to the windshield in the bottom driver side corner not obstructing the driver’s view while driving.

In the event a parking permit is lost or stolen the student is to report the lost/stolen permit to the SRO or Administration and a second permit can be issued. The second and all other subsequent permits approved by Administration will be subject to original fee per Administration discretion.

Students are to park within the parking spot not on or over the lines which would hinder someone from parking beside them. Students driving with any type of trailer attached to their vehicle are to park in the Upper Field House parking lot along the curb in a respectable manner not impeding traffic flow or blocking any vehicles from entering/exiting the parking lot.

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Purchasing Hanger
Hangers may be purchased during the school day only after registration is completed. The cost of the hangers available are $ 12.00 and are for the Upper Field House or Dickson Intermediate School Parking lots. CASH ONLY WILL BE THE ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHOD. Students are to see Officer Wall to obtain their parking pass.
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