Proposal to create & perform an instrument as part of an Emergent Ensemble at KISS2016
Propose to create a “Kyma instrument” that you would like to perform on as part of an emergent ensemble.

What is an instrument? That will become a point for discussion during KISS2016. Suffice it to say that it is likely to include one or more sources of control data (could be an audio signal, could be a commercially available controller, or could be a controller that you created for yourself) and a sufficiently expressive Kyma Sound (or Multigrid or Timeline of Sounds).

What is sufficiently expressive? You should, with practice, be able to play a sustained, a staccato, a pitched, a pitch-less, or a sforzando sound; you should be able to play loudly and softly and make gradual or sudden transitions; you should be able to imitate what you hear, or play the opposite of what you hear.

Submit a proposal you have for an instrument or, better yet, send a link to some examples of you performing your instrument. If you impress the judges, you may be invited to join one of several KISS2016 Emergent Ensembles directed by Robert Jarvis, of the London Improvisors Orchestra (
Composer/performer/maker's name *
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Name of your instrument *
Even if your instrument doesn't have a name yet, please come up with a short descriptive name to help us keep track of your proposal. Thanks!
Brief description of the instrument *
What is the source of data (or control)? How is the audio or data stream mapped to the parameters of Kyma Sound(s)? How do you perform it? Anything else that would help give us an idea of how it works?
Which elements of your instrument could you bring along with you to KISS2016? *
The more elements of your performance setup that you can provide, the more practical it will be for us to form an Emergent Ensemble at KISS2016. Thanks! (We can provide mic stands, chairs, tables, lights).
Are you also proposing a talk and/or live performance related to this instrument for KISS2016? *
Link to speaker's biography (or enter the bio here) *
If you cannot provide monitors, what is the output from your audio interface? *
Any other concerns or requirements? *
For example, are you using a camera or light sensor that might be sensitive to lighting in the venue? Do you require an especially large table for your instrument? Do you prefer to sit on the floor? Please list any and all concerns that come to mind to help us with the technical planning. Thanks!
Have you performed this instrument before? If yes, a link to a video of your performance. *
If you don't have video from a previous performance, it would be helpful if you could make a short video for us — nothing fancy, just use your phone to make a video of yourself performing staccato, legato, loudly, softly, and a making couple of transitions (sudden and gradual), and whatever else you feel inspired to play. Thanks!
Please give us some idea of your previous performance experience (to help us place you with others who come from similar backgrounds) *
Where are you comfortable performing? *
Do you play any other instruments or do other forms of live performance? *
It's not a requirement! We're just curious. And we may ask you to read a text or play the piano to fill out the ensemble if that's ok with you.
Please list other "furniture" you may need such as tables, chairs, music stands, lights, podium, or other non-electrical items. *
Approximately how many UK power outlets will you require? Does all of your equipment work with 230 V, 50 Hz? (Hint, your laptop & Paca(rana) will work without voltage-converters but you may need plug adapters). *
For reference, here's a UK power strip & plug:
How much setup time is required prior to presentation? *
Anything else? Please let us know about any other considerations (technical or otherwise) that we may have overlooked.
Please check: Yes! *
Since KISS2016 is all about human interaction, we ask that, should your proposal be accepted, you will attend the symposium to present your work (if unavoidable, unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent your attendance, your presentation may have to be dropped from the program). Also, since the proposals are carefully reviewed by a selection committee, we ask that if your proposal is accepted, that you not substitute a different proposal without submitting the new proposal for a full review by the selection committee. Although, our budget sadly does not allow for remuneration of presenters or performers, De Montfort University has generously offered a conference fee waiver to each principal presenter and a discounted (student rate) conference fee for co-presenters and performers.
Thank you for your proposal! How excited are you about performing with the KISS2016 Emergent Ensemble in Leicester this September?
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