Women's Voices Amicus Brief - Unconsented Procedures During Birth
We are working with Improving Birth to make your #breakthesilence stories heard in a court of law. Human Rights in Childbirth working with members of the Birth Rights Bar Association, want to represent you in a special brief that focuses on your direct experiences with childbirth. In particular, we want to hear from you about procedures that were done to you during birth, without your consent. In this brief we will highlight how you made childbirth decisions, how you balanced your needs and the needs of your baby, the way those unconsented interventions occurred, and how they impacted you. We will use your stories to highlight that you are capable decision makers, and that you are best positioned to advocate for your baby.

We ask that you tell your story in your own way and in your own voice, with particular attention to the details of what happened. The following are suggestions of things to consider as you write your story:
1) Who was present, and how well did you know them? 
2) What was said, by you, by your providers, by your partner or other companions? What was done?
3) Did you have reason to believe that your baby was in danger at any time? What was said about your baby, and what was your thinking about this?
4) What happened after the birth? what was your recovery like?
5) Did you attempt to talk with your providers about what happened during the birth? what was their response?
6) How did this experience affect you?

By sharing your story, you will be represented by lawyers who will bring your combined voices to the court through an amicus brief, a special brief that gives voice to people who aren't otherwise part of a lawsuit. We will offer this brief to the court in the case of Rinat Dray who had an unconsented c-section, and possibly other cases as well.

Do you consent to being represented as amici by lawyers working on behalf of Human Rights in Childbirth and the Birth Rights Bar Association?
Being represented only means that your voice will get to be heard through the brief which has to be filed by a lawyer (it does not mean that you have to pay a lawyer any money, nor does it mean that you will receive any money, nor does it mean that these lawyers represent you in any other matter or any other way).
In what state did your story take place?
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We will keep this information confidential. This information will not necessarily be shared with the court, but it is required to prove that you are a real person.
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Please share your story about your birth and the unconsented procedures you experienced in the space below:
We recommend that you write and save your story in a separate document and then cut and paste it here.
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Do you identify as a person of color?
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Do you feel that your race/ethnicity was a factor in your care? (If so, please explain)
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During the time described in your story were you covered by public or private insurance?
Do you feel that your insurance status was a factor in your care?
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Did you try to access legal services to address the harm you suffered? (If so, please explain your access to legal services, or any barriers you faced)
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I declare that the story I have shared here is true and correct to the best of my abilities:
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