Hispanic Center Research Scholars Program Application
The Hispanic Center Research Scholars Program is open to emerging scholars ranging from advanced graduate students (those currently in their third year or higher of a Ph.D. program) to early career scholars (3-5 years post Ph.D.). We seek emerging scholars who demonstrate a strong interest in conducting research with low-income Hispanic populations that will inform programs, policies and services supporting the well-being of Hispanic children and families.

Please submit each of the required documents in PDF format.


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The letter of interest should include the applicant’s: contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number(s), email address), information about their graduate institution, or current position, and personal statement. The personal statement should describe the applicant’s interest in and what they hope to gain from the Hispanic Research Scholars program experience, including their relevant educational and professional development goals, should explain why the applicant is interested in research concerning low-income Hispanic children and families, and should express an interest in issues that fall within one or more of the Center’s research priority areas: (1) poverty reduction and self-sufficiency, (2) healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood, and/or (3) early care and education.
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Current resume or curriculum vitae (CV) providing information about educational background, publications, presentations, and any professional or public policy experience related to the work of the Center.
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The two letters of recommendation should address 1.) the applicant’s relevant background and qualifications, including training and research experience(s,) 2.) professional development goals, interests or needs pertinent to the goals of the Hispanic Research Scholars program, and 3.) for current graduate students, one letter should be from their advisor with verification of the student’s doctoral status and faculty expectations regarding completion of the program’s requirements (if applicable).
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