Interested in Hosting an Activity at Open Streets 704?
October 15th - Open Streets 704: Southside!
Contact Us: Monica Carney Holmes,

Individuals, businesses, and organizations may host an activity along the route! An activity can be almost anything that encourages people to be active and meet their neighbors – sack races, chalk art, dancing, bicycle rodeos, etc. Have fun! Engage people! Think about ways to get people moving and interacting with one another.

The following guidelines apply to all individuals, businesses, and organizations hosting activities as part of an Open Streets 704 event.

If you would like to host an activity as part of an Open Streets 704 event, you must contact the Open Streets 704 team at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event so we can promote your activity on our website and direct you to the most appropriate part of the Open Street 704 route.

The Open Streets 704 team will direct all confirmed activity hosts to a designated location on the street (A business already located along route will be able to use the street space adjacent to their business location).

Confirmed activity hosts are responsible for providing all equipment required for their activity (including tables, chairs, tents, finding access to a power source if required, etc.)

Activities that use tents or amplified sound will require additional approvals, as directed by the Open Streets 704 team. Tents may not be larger than 10 feet wide (acceptable sizes include 10 feet x 10 feet or 10 feet x 20 feet).

Generally, the schedule for Open Streets 704 events includes an hour before and after the event for activity hosts to set-up and tear-down in the street. The street will be closed to motorized traffic (cars, trucks, etc.) from precisely the advertised set-up time to precisely the advertised end time. You may bring your equipment by car/truck during the set-up window, but please be sure to have your motorized vehicle off the event street(s) before the event start time. You will not be allowed on the event street(s) with your motorized vehicle again until after the event ends and the tear-down period begins. You must have all of your equipment off the street by the event end time.

On the day of the event only, you may store/ stage equipment in the adjacent planting strip before and after the advertised set-up and tear-down time. All equipment must be removed from the planting strip by 8pm on the day of the event.

Sidewalks must be kept free and clear during the event, and remain passable before and after the event.

The Open Streets 704 route must maintain one clear lane of at least 14 feet at all times during the event. When setting up, please allow space for participants to move around your activity and not interfere with the clear lane requirement.

Open Streets 704 is a health-focused event, so we do not allow any programs that promote the use of or include tobacco products.

Alcohol is not permitted at any Open Streets 704 event. Businesses along the corridor may apply for separate licensing to serve alcohol (e.g., a beer garden) on private property.

The Open Streets 704 team reserves the right to not provide space on the street at an Open Streets 704 event for organizations, businesses, or individuals for any reason.

For more information on participation please see our policy here:

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