J105 HTML/CSS Quiz
Quiz for Chris Snider's web design class at Drake University. This quiz must be completed by 11 p.m Tuesday (May 23). Quiz is worth 20 points - one point per question.
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1. Which of these HTML tags would most likely result in the biggest headline?
2. What is the correct HTML tag for inserting a line break?
3. If you have an image (named image.jpg) saved in the same folder as your html file, which code will link to that image?
4. Choose the correct HTML tag to make text bold.
5. Which is the correct HTML code for creating a hyperlink?
6. Which of these is an internal link?
7. Which of these tags are all <table> tags?
8. Which of these is used to create a bulleted list?
9. Which is the correct HTML for inserting an image?
10. Which is correct HTML code?
11. What is missing in this CSS?... h1 {font-family:Georgia background-color:#CCFFCC}
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12. What code would we put in html file to link to an external stylesheet named mystyle.css? The stylesheet is saved in the same folder as the html file.
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13. Which of these is false in the CSS box model?
14. One way to apply CSS styles is an external style sheet. What are the other two?
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15. Write the CSS style rule that would apply the background color of red to the entire body of an html page.
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16. What is the CSS property and value to make text italic?
Written as: property:value
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17. What can you do with an anchor tag?
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18. Write the code that would link to your e-mail address and would automatically put "Website feedback" as the subject of the e-mail.
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19. Write a CSS style rule that would make a link purple when you hover over the link.
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20. Which of these will show the color light gray?
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