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Please take a moment to and share with us how God is working in your life to help us stay better connected!
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If you have questions about Life Church AG or this morning's message, we're here to help; please share any questions you might have with us.
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INHERITANCE - We believe people receive the best life in Jesus.
How can we help you live life to the fullest?
Please pray with me about:
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INTERACT - We believe people experience life better together.
How can we help you get better connected?
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INITIATE - We believe the life of faith requires action.
What is the Holy Spirit saying to you through our time of worship and this morning's message?
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What does God want you to to do in response to how the Holy Spirit is working in you?
INVEST3 - We believe life isn't about getting more, but giving more.
How is God challenging you to invest your time, talent and/or treasure?
INVITE - We believe everyone can bring someone to Jesus.
Please pray with me that the LORD will use me to bring these people to Jesus.
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