2018 R-CADE Symposium Panel Proposal Form
The Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center welcomes panel proposals for the 2018 R-CADE Symposium, a one-day event that features hands-on research and creative work exploring digital ephemera. Panels for the 2018 R-CADE Symposium will address a single technology, make use of hands-on methods to either study or repurpose that technology, and address the technology from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Please visit http://rcade.camden.rutgers.edu/ for further details about the R-CADE and the symposium.

The 2018 Symposium will take place April 20, 2018. The deadline to submit panel proposals is November 10, 2017, and the Digital Studies Center will send panel acceptance notices by December 1, 2017.

Please be as detailed as possible when completing this form. If you have any questions regarding the symposium, please contact grant.wythoff@gmail.com

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Your abstract should provide a detailed description of the technology or technique that the panel will address, and it should address why your case study is of interest to artists and scholars. In addition, please provide a provisional list of the research questions panelists will ask and/or creative methods panelists plan to use while exploring this technology. Finally, please describe how each panelist will attempt to engage the shared object of study addressed by the panel. Each panelist is free to engage the object in whatever way they see fit. They may choose to conduct an analysis of the object or to develop creative work that engages it. Regardless of what panelists choose to do or make, projects should take advantage of the R-CADE’s ethos of hands-on engagement. Researchers and artists should feel free to take apart, remake, reprogram, and/or circuit-bend objects. (3500 characters max)
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Budget and budget justification for the panel *
Each panel may request up to $1,000 in funds to support the research and creative activity of the panel. Your budget should be as detailed as possible and should provide justification for how you plan to use the funds. Funds may only be used for materials purchases. Funds will be issued as a taxed stipend to a single representative of the panel. (3500 characters max)
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Panelist Names and Bios *
Please provide the names and a 100-word bio for each panelist joining your proposal. Panels must have at least three participants, but there is no maximum number of panelists. Please keep in mind that panel sessions will be 1.5 hours long and should include ample time for audience questions and interaction.
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Expected outcome of the panel's activities *
The results of the panel's research and/or creative activity will be archived on the R-CADE website. Please provide a plan for how the results of your work can be shared on this site. This can include audio, video, text, or any other format that allows us to share the results of your work on the R-CADE site. It is expected that results of research and creative activity will change as participants engage with the object of study, but this section should describe the goals of each panelist and a discussion of how the Digital Studies Center can share that work on the R-CADE website. (3500 characters max)
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