CNH District 2020 House Of Delegates: Delegate Registration
Due to the cancellation of the 2020 CNH District Convention, we are exploring the possibility of conducting an online House of Delegates in order to complete the official business of electing the 2020-2021 District Governor, District Secretary, and District Treasurer positions, as well as consider official district endorsement for candidates for international office and to decide upon district bylaw amendments.

2020 Online House of Delegates Date/Time: TENTATIVELY, we are looking to conduct this special online House of Delegates to be held on Sunday, April 19, 2020, at 2:00 pm pacific. Exact date/time as well as instructions on how to participate would be sent to each validated delegate with at least 3 days advance notice.

NOTE: This special online House of Delegates is only available to clubs and members that were previously registered for the 2020 CNH District Convention. As this is an attempt to conduct the House of Delegates as if DCON had actually taken place, only those who were registered to attend DCON will be eligible to participate.

We are collecting official delegate information should an online 2020 House of Delegates actually take place. At this point in time, technical feasibility is being explored before a final decision is made. Should it be determined that it is NOT technically feasible, there will NOT be an online 2020 House of Delegates.

Delegate Selection: Each Key Club is entitled to select two (2) delegates to represent the Club at the special 2020 Online House of Delegates.

Delegate Registration Deadline: Delegate Registration WILL CLOSE on Sunday, April 5, 2020, at 6:00 pm pacific.

Purpose: Delegates vote to approve District bylaw changes, approve proposed International bylaw changes to advance to International convention for consideration, approve resolutions presented to the House of Delegates, and to select the leaders of the District for the next term. Delegates should represent the views of their Club members when considering candidate selections and resolutions. It is expected that all registered delegates to attend the online 2020 House of Delegates.

Delegate Certification: This form certifies that the Club has selected the Key Club members named as delegates.

Information that you will need in order to properly finish this process:
> REQUIRED: Region, Division, Club name, and the individual submitting form
> REQUIRED: Maximum of two (2) Delegate names AND valid email address
> VERIFICATION REQUIRED: Club President and Advisor name AND email address
> OPTIONAL: It would be helpful if the Key Club number and the member number are also provided to facilitate the delegate validation process

Delegate Registration Validation and Confirmation: The Policy, International, & Elections (PIE) Chair will electronically contact the Club President and Advisor to confirm registration. Each delegate registered will be validated that the club is in good standing and that the delegate is a member in good standing AND was registered to attend the 2020 DCON. They will also be contacted by the PIE Chair with basic responsibilities and tips of being a delegate.

Delegate Registration through this Google Form is REQUIRED: Once registration is closed on April 5, 2020, no further delegate registrations will be allowed. This will allow the PIE Chair to conduct the validation and confirmation process.

Thank you for taking an active role in your organization.
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