Marriages in India - A short Survey
A small survey to understand the mindset of Indian parents and children about marriage expenses
What kind of marriage ceremony would you do for your kids in future? *
Who all should be invited in marriage/Reception? (you can choose more than one option) *
Share your opinion on following points *
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One should have grand marriage because its a "once in a life" event
Most of the marriages are grand and lavish mainly because of social pressure and not out of choice
Taking loans for the marriage is utter stupidity and nonsense
Its better to give money to kids for their future life, rather than spending too much on marriage
I expect to be invited by those people for their wedding, who attended my wedding
Indian marriages ceremonies have become fake and shallow
If I have not saved enough for my children marrriage, I will take out money from my retirement kitty
I expect my working children to share the bill for their marriage?
Can you give priority to various financial goals in your life *
Children Marriage
Children Education
Buying House/Repayment of Home Loan
Getting Financially Free as soon as possible
Last few marriage invitations you attended were *
Which community you belong to?
You are *
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What kind of city you live in *
What was the budget of the recent marriage in your family/friends circle (whose costing you are aware of) *
Share your thoughts about marriages and marriages expenses in India
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