Getting To Know You! POAS Questionnaire
We are reaching out to get to know those in our parish better in the hopes of fostering and enriching our parish family. As we are a community linked spiritually with many diverse needs and skills, we hope that you will take the time to fill out this questionnaire and consider sharing your God-given gifts of time and talent with the Parish of All Saints. We need you to help shine Christ's light in the world for as Jesus tells us, "You are the light of the world...a candle in a bushel basket sheds no light."
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Number of years attending Parish of All Saints (St. Mary Magdalen's/St. John Bosco's):
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Your current view of our parish:
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What do you like best about Parish of All Saints?
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What do you think can be improved upon within our Parish?
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What would you most like/love to see happen here at the Parish of All Saints?
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Your current involvement in our parish and/or other Catholic organizations:
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Ways that you may be able to share your time, talent and interests to foster and enrich our parish family (please check all that apply):
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Home prayer group
Homebound visitation
Organizing Social Events
Yard Sale/Church bazaar
Food Bank
Community Outreach/Activities
Computer Technical Support
Power Washing/Steam Cleaning/Window Washing/Gutters
Housekeeping (Martha's Ministry)
Church Decorating
Mass Greeters
Eucharistic Minister
Altar Server
Prayer Groups (i.e. Rosary Society)
Scripture Study
Play a musical instrument
Sunday Morning Social (i.e. coffee & donuts)
Cemetery Maintenance
Other special talents?
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Other things we missed/any last comments:
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Thank you and God Bless!
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