JICS Talent Show - May 1, 2020
*One form per student/act

*Please submit this form by February 21, 2020.

*If your act requires additional props (other than a keyboard or microphone), you will be responsible for preparing it and bringing to the show/rehearsals. This includes any background music.

*You MUST be willing to attend the mandatory rehearsals on April 14 and 28.

Thank you! This is gonna be FUN!
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Are you willing to perform with a group? (Depending on level of interest, we may need to group "like acts" due to time restraints.) PLEASE NOTE: At time of "auditions," the planning committee may group students into one larger act in order to consolidate/work within time restrictions. All acts to last roughly 2min - 4 min (group acts allotted for more time). *
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