FsHub User Survey December 2021
A quick user survey at the end of December 2021, there has been many updates and improvements to both FsHub and the LRM client this last year but we're looking to get user feedback from you to understand if there are any other features users would like to see improved or how we can improve the service going forwards.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this User Survey.
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Which flight simulators do you use regularly (at least once a month) with LRM and FsHub
Please select the option that most describes the type of aircraft you fly within the simulator.
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Did you participate in the annual Navigraph Flight Sim Survey 2021?
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What has been your favourite feature(s) that that have  been added to FsHub and LRM client in the last 12 months (you can select more that one) - We know that there have been many other improvements too and may not be listed and if so, please use the "Other" box too!
Please select which section or feature of FsHub or LRM you feel should be prioritised for updates or improvements in 2022 (all will receive updates but we want to understand what you feel is most important/should get the most attention).
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Do you feel that we provide too many updates and news updates on the FsHub website?
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We understand that these past few months that we have released several new versions of the LRM client and although this has been important for new features we could reduce the number of updates if you feel that we are releasing too many new versions of the LRM client and you are feeling pressured to install them. Please let us know how you feel about installing new updates of the LRM client
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As we start to introduce the optional "Flight Achievements" system, please select which best describes your opinion on this new feature
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Please tell us how you would rate the response time  and helpfulness of our support team/how we respond to your support requests.
Responses are slow - dreadful support!
Responses are fast and I'm always happy with the level or support I receive from the team!
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In the past we've received requests to add the ability for pilots to "follow" and "chat" with fellow pilots that they have accepted "friend requests" from. I've always been on the fence about this for a number of reasons but wanted to check with you how you would  feel if we added the ability to "Add a friend" and be able to instant message them through FsHub/the EFB and/or be able to see updates when they come online, after they complete a flight, when they upload screenshots and when they complete an achievement (a bit like a social feed)? - This feature would have to be enabled by you and would be disabled by default!
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I have always said that FsHub aims to be simple to use, lightweight and should "stay out of the way", please let us know if you feel, with the recent updates, if we are detracking away from this
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Do you feel that any features that have been added this year are pointless, silly or you feel are detracting away from what FsHub is designed to do (IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LET US KNOW IF YOU FEEL THERE IS)?
(For Virtual Airline Owners/Senior Members ONLY) FsHub was always developed to be unopinionated about how VA's should operate or work (we expected people to use our integration features to integrate into their own website to enable more specialised or specific features) - this is a great example of this: http://www.puffinair.pl/ - this website uses the FsHub API/webhooks and we think it looks and works great!  With that said, we have noticed that not many people do and as such we wanted to ask if there you felt FsHub could add any specific new features and functionality for Virtual Airlines specifically. Please let us know if you would like to see additional features or functionality within the Virtual Airlines section of FsHub) and if so, what - These features WILL ONLY be available to virtual airlines.  
(For Virtual Airline Owners/Senior members ONLY) Whilst this is only an "idea" at this point - Taking the above question into consideration - If we was to develop a WordPress plugin or set of PHP scripts that could be installed onto your own website/server that uses the FsHub API to send flight reports and give you the ability to customise your site design, setup schedules, manage airframes and other such features whilst still using the same LRM client and managing things through the FsHub website - would this be something you would use?
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Do you feel that FsHub or the LRM client are missing any features (IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LET US KNOW IF YOU FEEL THERE IS)?
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Although we know that the AeroPad (EFB) still requires improvements and they will be coming soon - We wondered if you have tried it out yet?
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Please choose all options that most describes your use of FsHub and LRM client
What features, if any would like to see added in the future (to either FsHub or LRM Client)?
What (if any) feature or features of FsHub or LRM Client most annoy you and if so, How do you feel I could improve them?
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Please feedback any other comments that you may have (positive or negative feedback and/or comments are equally appreciated!)
How likely would you be to recommend FsHub and LRM to a friend or family member?
Not at all, it's terrible!
I love FsHub and I'm sure others would too!
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Would you like to tell us your FsHub username or email address (so we can respond back to any feedback or questions you have left above? - If so, please tell us now (otherwise, leave this field blank to remain anonymous)
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