2018-2019 Preston PTA Survey
The Preston PTA is always working hard to advocate for our children and families and to provide outstanding program opportunities in our school. So much was accomplished this year through the hard work of the Preston Elementary community, including countless Preston PTA volunteers. Please take a moment to provide some valuable feedback to help us as we plan for next year. Where you are asked to rate the PTA component, please use a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the best.
1. Preston PTA offered numerous in-school program opportunities this year (for example: the character-building BMX assembly, Spelling Bee, Fort Worth Children’s Opera, ArtSparks, Storyteller Visit, Book Fairs). Did you feel these were beneficial to your child and a good use of PTA funds?
2. Preston PTA offered numerous after-school programs this year (for example: Reflections, DI, Kidz Science Safari, Preston Publishers). Did you feel these were beneficial to your child and a good use of PTA funds?
3. Preston PTA offered several family events this year (for example: Jenny Preston Jamboree, the Art Show, Donuts with Dads, Muffins with Mom, the Spring Backyard Bash). Did you feel these were beneficial to your family and a good use of PTA funds?
4. Preston PTA provided several opportunities to show our teachers how much we appreciate them (for example: Back to School lunch, Open House dinner, Christmas gift wrapping event, Love you a Latte event, Teacher Appreciation Week lunches and festivities, monthly snack cart). Do you feel these were good expressions of gratitude and a good use of PTA funds?
5. Preston PTA offers volunteer opportunities for family members throughout the year in a variety of areas. We utilized Facebook, the weekly newsletter, our PTA website, and Skyward emails to disseminate information on these opportunities. If you chose to volunteer, did you feel it was easy to get involved?
Do you have feedback or ideas regarding programs, festivals, staff appreciation, volunteer opportunities, or another component of Preston PTA?
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