Summer Weekend Storytelling Online Class
Dates (5 weeks)
Saturday: July 31/ Aug 7/ 14/ 21/ 28
Sunday: Aug 8/ 15/ 22/ 29 Sep 5

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Storytelling class
We suggest students aged 3 and above and having a basic Cantonese level can join our storytelling class. We will learn a new story every week with classwork so your children can revise the words we learned in class.
The class teacher will be Miss Rachel/ Miss Sze Ying/ Miss Ceci.
- Min. 5 children
- The price for trial is £8/ child.
- All stories are created in private classes by students themselves with our teachers.
The storybook project website link:
Saturday Theme: Fantasy (美人魚上學/ 公主搭飛機/ 獨角馬遇見公主/ 遇見了叮噹/ 寒冷的城堡)
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Sunday Theme: Adventure (賽車比賽/ 太空歷險記/ 三條龍噴火/ 龍貓種樹/ 忍者捉小偷)
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