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Fantasy Firsties is a weekly digest that goes out on Mondays, that includes first in series books in the fantasy, paranormal, and supernatural genres for WIDE selling titles (for KU titles, form coming soon).

We do not have date specific promos at this time. Books are featured in a first come first served basis and we reserve the right NOT to feature your book if it doesn't fit our club.

--It must be in the fantasy/paranormal/supernatural genres.
--Your Book Must be FREE! (For .99 books ---> )
--Your Book Must be Available WIDE (KU book form ---> )
--It must be a first in series title, or series starter bundle (multi author bundles are okay as long as they are firsts in a series and meet other requirements).
--No minimum review requirement, but since this is a series starter club it makes sense to have at least one additional book available in the series...
--NO EROTICA--sorry, our readers just aren't into this. We do accept YA/Teen/18+ content, just not pure erotica.


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THANK YOU! Please note, we offer a few titles per weekly digest to keep from overwhelming readers, so depending on the number of current signups there might be a wait, but we will email you if we feature your book. If you'd like to get updates in future promos for Fantasy Firsties, as well as sites like bookfunnel, story origin, prolific works and more: (These are FREE to join promos--there is NO selling of services).
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