Slingshot Evergreen - SP Application
If you would like to participate as a Storage Provider in the Slingshot Evergreen program, please fill out the following form for every minerID (f0XXXXX) operated by your SP organization.

After filling out this form, we will reach out to you on Filecoin Slack with additional questions or further instructions (including notifying you of approval to participate and start making deals with the Evergreen deal engine).
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Your Name
Storage Provider operator name *
The name of your SP operator organization - this can be the same as your name if you operating this minerID yourself in your own datacenter not under a different legal entity. Else, list your legal entity, or the SP operator you contract with.
Your email *
Your email address where we can reach out to coordinate on Evergreen efforts and set up additional communication channels if required (i.e., Discord)
Your handle on *
Prior Slingshot projects and phases (if a former Slingshot participant)
MinerID (f0XXXXX) *
 Note: please fill out this form separately for each minerID you operate
Actual geographic location of the minerID/datacenter (city) *
Note: You may be asked to prove that you have a facility at this location. This is where the data will actually be sealed and retrievals will be served from.
Actual geographic location of the minerID/datacenter (country) *
Please write your country's 2-letter code (
Are your miners dialable by anyone or do you enable-list specific clients you deal with? *
Confirm that you will be able to serve free and fast retrieval requests for this data. *
Participation implies agreement to continuously serve the stored datasets for a period of 500+ days, in an open manner, with available unsealed copies, at a retrieval price of 0 (meaning free retrieval).
Anything else you want us to know regarding your preferences or limitations?
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