Gastroenterology Associates of Gainesville: Screening Colonoscopy Questionnaire
Screening colonoscopy
American cancer society and all GI societies recommend that everyone should undergo a screening colonoscopy at age 50 (or age 45 for African-Americans). Patients with a strong family history-a first degree relative (parents, siblings, or children) diagnosed with colon cancer, should consider screening colonoscopy either at age 40, or when the patient reaches the age of being 10 years younger than when the first degree relative was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Direct Access Colonoscopy
Direct Access Colonoscopy is a great fit for today's busy lifestyles. It is designed to minimize your time off work or other activities by allowing an appropriate, healthy patient the opportunity of obtaining a screening colonoscopy without first coming in for an office consultation. You save not only time but a copay payment as well, by eliminating the office visit. To be eligible, patients must be less than 75 years of age, and they must be asymptomatic and in generally good health. Patients with history of polyps are also eligible for Direct access colonoscopy.

Please view the video below for more information about the Direct access colonoscopy.

If you feel you may be a good candidate for this program, simply fill the form at the bottom of the page, and submit it. After the form is reviewed by Dr. Jacob, you will be contacted to schedule the colonoscopy. Should you have any questions regarding the Direct Access Colonoscopy program, please call our office at 770-536-8109.

Please be advised that you will be considered a patient of this practice only after you have been evaluated by one of our physicians in our office or our endoscopy center. Neither the submission of any registration documents, nor the scheduling of an initial appointment, establishes that you are a patient of this practice. If you have submitted the form to our office and are awaiting, please call our office if you have not been contacted to schedule your appointment.

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