Awalim and Student Performers 2018
Awalim was formed almost 20 years ago and has been the home to over 30 professional dancers and hundreds of student dancers. Each wave of dancers informs what Awalim creates in that time frame. All students of Awalim are welcome to perform with us with no restriction on age, gender, body type, or ethnicity. A professional member of Awalim is someone invested in rehearsal and dance practice, attending classes weekly to further their art, and professional level performance. The form below details what performances are coming up for 2018. More may be added, professional gigs arise often, and you are welcome to suggest venues, shows, or festivals at the bottom of the form. Costuming varies depending on the choreography. A well made Tribal coin bra, pantaloons, an Aishawrya skirt, and a plain fluffy skirt from Magical Fashions is a standard costume for many performances. Professional Awalim costuming also requires one L Rose mermaid velvet skirt, and two full shawl pieces of Assuit. Belts vary to taste of performer and requirements of the choreography.
I understand I must be currently enrolled in weekly classes at the Tribal Bellydance Center of Atlanta, or taking weekly privates, to be a member of the "student troupe" and/or perform as a member of the Awalim Dance Co in order to maintain a consistent practice in my dance study. *
I understand I must write down what I have just committed to in my calendar NOW, and refer back to the spreadsheet it creates to keep track of what choreographies have been selected. *
I understand each performance has a minimum of 5 rehearsals, and a maximum of 12 rehearsals, that I am committing to, depending on length of show and/or how much of a refresher we need on choregraphies. Plenty of rehearsal helps make a fun, relaxed performance. *
I understand that a rehearsal fee is required to perform in shows when rehearsal space must be rented. *
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What Awalim (or other, please cite choreographer) choreographies have you learned? *
What Awalim (or other, please cite choreographer) choreographies would you like to learn? Look up the choreographies here>>> *
What Improv Formats do you know?
Are you looking for a continuous weekly rehearsal/practice in your life and doing professional paid gigs? Or are you looking for an occasional show where you only commit to a month or 2 of rehearsals?
Not sure about performing yet but would certainly like to learn some performance skills by:
Atlanta Tribal Cafe- April 29th Taverna Plaka
AbsFest- Saturday Show May 26, Asheville, NC
Darbukistani Independance Days- Stuart, VA June 7-10
Atlanta Tribal Cafe- July 22nd Taverna Plaka
Essence Of Bellydance- Sept 21 or 22 Atlanta
Atlanta Gay Pride- Oct 12, 13- We will know by August 1 if we got in
TribOriginal, Virginia
Atlanta Tribal Cafe- Oct 28 Taverna Plaka
AMY SIGIL, Ziah sponsored workshop Nov 3, 4 & 5 (Sat, Sun, Mon) Atlanta
Please let us know any other places, festivals, shows, or venues you would like us to perform at. Please include any kind of contact information you have to pursue the opportunity.
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