What do designers do?
That's the question this survey aims to answer. With your help, we can find trends in activities across various designer roles and company types.

The results will be summarised and published on pageflows.com & shared with thousands of designers on the UI Movement newsletter.
Which type of designer are you? *
How long have you been a designer?
What type of company do you work at? *
How many designers work at your company?
In the last month, what are the 3 activities you've spent the most time on?
E.g. User research, creating designs & specs, implementing designs, looking at analytics, meetings...
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What are your top 3 goals at work?
Up to three. If you only have one main priority, that's also great to know!
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What are the challenges you face when trying to reach those goals?
What's slowing you down or making it harder to reach the goals you mentioned above?
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If you didn't succeed in reaching your top goals, what would that mean for yourself or your team?
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Have you or your team outsourced any tasks recently? If so, what type of tasks?
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Have you or your team paid for any new software tools in the last ~3 months? If so, what tools?
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What's your email address?
If you are up for a quick chat about the topics mentioned so we can add more details to the summary, please leave your email so we can reach you:
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Thank you!
Thank you so much for your time. As mentioned, a summary of this survey will be published on pageflows.com and shared with thousands of designers on the UI Movement newsletter.

If you have any questions or want to talk about some of the topics mentioned here, send me an email at ramy@pageflows.com
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