Samantha M Clark's Book Birthday Bash
I’m thrilled that you’d like to have a Book Birthday Bash for your book on The post will be published on your book's release day and sent out via social media, tagging you. I’ll also send you a link to the post so you can share it, but the link won't be live until your release day.
To set up your book’s Bash, please answer the following questions. Please note: All the information must be submitted at least 1 MONTH BEFORE your release day for the Bash to get it into my monthly enewsletter. Bashes setup after that will still be promoted via social media, but might not get into the enewsletter.
All questions are required except the last one.
For your Bash answers, write them present tense, as though the party is going on as people are reading. I welcome links to outside sites as examples, for snacks, for example, but make sure you include text for your party goers to enjoy as well. You can see examples of other Book Birthday Bashes here:
Thank you!
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What's your book's name? *
What's your book's birthday? *
What's your book's publisher? *
Is your book... *
How would you introduce your book? (This can be your publisher’s blurb or a more personal message from you about your book. Think of it like you're introducing the guest of honor at the party, because you are. ;) ) *
Party Time...
For the next questions, answer them in ways that show what your book is about, theme, mood, etc. For example, if this was a party for HARRY POTTER, the music might be songs about magic, the food might be Butterbeer and Every Flavour Beans, games might be magic tricks, and the party favors might be paper wands—because for proper wands, the wand would pick the owner, of course. This is a chance for readers to get to know your book in an informal way, so have fun with the answers. And they don't have to be perfectly accurate. For example, the music for my book, THE BOY, THE BOAT, AND THE BEAST, would be waves crashing and wind in the trees.
Where is your party being held? (This can be your book's setting or a place your characters would want to party.) *
What kind of music will be played at your book’s party? (If you have a playlist, include the link.) *
What kind of food will be served at your book’s party? (Include links to recipes, if you have them. And if this is a dish you've made, you can include a photo below...) *
What kind of games or activities will be played at your book’s party? (This could be something that your characters do, for example.) *
What party favors will be featured? (These could be imaginary or swag you already have for your book. You can include a photo below. If it's something online, you can include a link. You're also welcome to do a giveaway, if you'd like. Let me know below...) *
What’s your bio? (Include any social media and/or website links.) *
Where can guests buy your book? (Give me all the links you’d like included. I strongly recommend including an indie bookstore or IndieBound as well as the bigger chains.) *
Please paste below links to your headshot, bookcover and, if you have them, a photo of your swag for the party favors and/or a photo of a dish you've made for the food. If you don't have the images available via URL, please email them to me at and type "Email" in the answer field below. *
Would you like to do a giveaway with your post? *
If you answered yes to the giveaway, please setup your giveaway on Rafflecopter or other service and paste the embed code below. If you'd rather I set it up, please give me the following details below: End date, prize, locations to be included (i.e. US only, US and Canada, worldwide), what they must do to enter. Please note, if I set it up, I will include subscribing to my enewsletter as an option for entries as that's where I promote these parties each month.
Thank you!
That's it! Once I have your Book Birthday Party setup, I'll send you the link, but it won't go live until your book's release date. If you include your social media with your bio, I'll tag you when I post the party on my social media and you can share. Congratulations on your book release! ~Samantha M Clark
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