Congressional Hackathon - Projects/Problems Worth Hacking in Breakout Groups
During the 11/30/17 Congressional Hackathon, all participants will be invited to break into groups for a few hours to work on different projects or problems. The format is open, so anyone can suggest a project/problem to be worked on, and everyone can choose which breakout group to join and which project within any group to work on. While some participants in past Congressional Hackathons have written code like in a traditional Hackathon, most Congressional Hackathon participants "idea hack," or think through how systems/tools could be changed/created in order to improve Congress. This form is for individuals to suggest projects or problems to be "hacked" or worked on in the breakout groups part of the Congressional Hackathon.

This form must be completed by 6 p.m. ET on Monday, November 27, 2017 in order to be considered for inclusion in this part of the program. Note that submissions (but not the email field) may be shared publicly.
Email address *
Your name, title, and office/affiliation *
If you prefer to be anonymous, just put "anonymous"
Your project/problem headline *
What is a short, catchy name of your project or problem?
The problem you're trying to solve *
Briefly describe the problem you’d like to solve and who the problem impacts.
What could a solution look like? *
Briefly describe what a successful solution to the problem looks like. Analogies are great. Ex. "A solution looks like Google Docs for Congress."
Helpful resources for Hackathon participants who want to work on your project or problem *
What are the resources someone would need to get started? Please share background information, existing tools, and data repositories, etc.
What breakout group do you think fits best? *
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