2019-2020 Family and Student Information
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Please enter your child's full first name as it appears on their birth certificate (i.e., no nicknames).
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Please enter your child's full middle name as it appears on their birth certificate. Leave blank only if your child does not have a middle name.
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Basic Information
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Please list your child's preferred name, nickname, or what he/she is usually called at home.
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Is the child a U.S. citizen?
Neighborhood Elementary School
If known - the school where your child would attend kindergarten
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Family and Household Information
Parents' Marital Status *
What is the marital status for the child's parents? (Please note that if there is a custody agreement for the child, a copy must be on file in the Preschool Office.)
Parents' Residence *
Do both parents reside in the same household?
Describe Living Arrangements
If children do not live in the same household as both parents, please describe the living arrangements and custody details below.
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Other Household Members
Please list the names and ages (if under 21 years old) of others living in the household and their relationship to the GSLP student.
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Religious Belief *
Does your family profess a specific religious belief?
If you checked "Yes" above, please list your family's religion(s).
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Values and Traditions
GSLP values a diverse student body. Are there any cultural or religious values, beliefs, traditions, celebrations, or customs that are especially important to your family?
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Child-Rearing Practices
Please describe any culturally based child-rearing practices that may help staff members meet your child's needs.
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Child's Habits and Routines
Bedtime *
When does your child usually go to bed?
Wake-Up Time *
When does your child usually get up in the morning?
Naps *
Does your child nap during the day?
Nap Length
If your child naps, when does he/she nap and for how long?
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Does your child have any special words, expressions, or actions concerning toileting habits that the teacher should know?
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Child's Experiences and Reactions
Separation from Caregivers *
Does your child have difficulty separating from you or the primary caregiver?
Easing Separation
Please describe any strategies you have used to help ease separating for your child.
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Other Programs *
Has your child participated in an early childhood program, daycare, playgroup, or class (sports, art, dance, music, language, Sunday School, faith formation, etc.) other than GSLP?
Describe Other Programs
Please describe any other programs your child has participated in.
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Reaction to Other Children *
How does your child respond in situations where other children are present?
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Fears *
What fears does your child have? How are they expressed?
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Frustration *
How does your child react when frustrated by a situation?
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Technology Access
Does your child have access to any of the following:
Child's Interests and Needs
Physical Activities *
My child enjoys the following physical activities:
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Toys and Games *
My child especially enjoys playing with these toys:
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Characters *
Some of my child’s favorite fictional characters (such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Minnie Mouse, Elmo, etc.) are:
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Other Likes *
My child likes the following things:
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Dislikes *
My child dislikes the following things:
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Skills *
Some things my child does well are:
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Skills in Progress *
I am working with my child on:
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Individual Needs *
My child might need help with:
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Hopes and Expectations *
Why did you enroll your child in preschool? What hopes and expectations do you have for your child as a result of his/her participation in the GSLP program?
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