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Training course for professionals working with young people
Czech Republic – 10-18 October 2018
Application deadline: 30 August 2018

NOTE: if you don't have sending/supporting organization, don't worry, put HVSF (Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation) and write your personal motivation at the related questions. :)

The selection process will be based on a few criteria. The participant must be:
 18 years-old at least
 Involved in youth activities at a local level (in their country).
 Motivated to participate and be active in all sessions of the seminar, including the
preparation, evaluation and dissemination phases of the project.
 Be fluent in English
IMPORTANT: This seminar is addressed to beginners. All participants must be on time for
all sessions of the seminar and respect the schedule. Moreover, we insist on the fact that
this training course is NOT a tourist trip or holiday and therefore all participants need to be
motivated by, and interested in, the content of the project.

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