Application for Art New York
Students considering Art New York must complete this form. Applicants will be asked to write an essay outlining their reasons for wishing to participate in the program. Acceptance will be based on the essay, recommendations and the student's academic record. The program is capped at 12 students for each spring session.

DEADLINE APRIL 15, 2023 (for Spring 2024 participants)
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Which courses have you taken, or are currently taking, either at the UR or at another institution, that may be relevant to an internship experience that you are interested in? *
What work or extracurricular experience do you have, if any? You may include high school experience.
Have you taken a course in the Department of Art and Art History? If the answer is yes, list the course(s) that you have taken:
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Painting, Drawing
Socially Engaged Art
Arts Administration
Environmental humanities
Business and Finance
Poetry and Literature
Audio engineering
Art Therapy
What types of internships are you interested in applying to? List at least 5 possible areas of interest. They do not need to be specific organizations, but they should indicate your general areas of interest.  *
This program requires a high level of professionalism. In the fall semester, for example, we will be working with you on resumes, cover letters, and interview skills that will help you secure your internship for the spring. Can you provide two examples of what it means to be professional? *
Please list TWO references. One must be academic (i.e. professor), and the other may be a reference from a professor, supervisor, coach, community leader, etc. After initial screening, we will contact your references when making final admission decisions.
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We are committed to ensuring that accepted students can participate regardless of financial need. If you are a financial aid recipient, you will be eligible to receive financial aid during your semester in NYC. The following questions are for the purpose of advanced planning. They will not be taken into consideration in the application process.
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Program cost estimates
Students participating in the program will be charged the same University of Rochester tuition as they pay when they are on campus. Art NY students will still need to pay the Senior fee (if applicable), mailbox fee (unless they close it out) and the mandatory health fee if they have insurance through the university. There is also a $75 studio arts fee for the Art NY Field Studio course. Students will need to budget for out of pocket expenses such as transportation and meals. 

Students can speak to a financial aid advisor about additional support to meet the cost of living in NYC. 

Housing ~ $8,000 - $12,000 for the semester based on availability and room choice
Transportation Metro Pass - 
Meals - $75/week (groceries, low end)

Do you have any questions or concerns about the program or your participation in the program?
Essay *
In 400 - 500 words, indicate why you would like to participate in the program, what you would bring to it, and what you hope to gain from it.  Please note that the essay forms an important part of the application process.  
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