Your contribution to Maastricht's European Podcast!
Our Concept
Ahead of the European Parliament elections on 23 - 26 May 2019, we want to bring European politics closer to Maastricht's international community. For that purpose, JEF Maastricht will start a weekly podcast shining a light on specific aspects of the electoral system as well as the general electoral debate taking place throughout Europe.

For that reason, we're searching for your contribution:

- Do you enjoy moderating and setting a nice framework for an audience to listen to interesting guests?
- Do you want to share your thoughts and/or findings?
- Do you like telling stories and breaking political processes down to make them understandable?
- Are you passionate about getting people to vote?

If anything of that sounded like you, apply now to
- become one of the hosts of the podcast and moderate the episodes
- be an author and contribute through doing research and suggesting topics
- become part of one of the episodes as a guest
- help us in the production and promotion of the podcast!

For any questions, please send an email to!
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