YBDF Session Report
Information about the program must be provided to YBDF with each invoice, but feel free to submit this report more frequently. Information should be provided by Instructors and Organization Representatives. Organization Representatives, such as guidance counselors or any individuals who regularly engage with participants, offer an invaluable perspective as they are uniquely able to see the impact of the program outside of the class. The YBDF Board and funders more readily support programs with compelling documentation of their success.
Class Date (or range of dates report covers)
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Class Attendance over dates of report
Some Questions to Inspire Reflection
What did participants say about the program?
What impact did the practice have on the participants (attitude, behavior, etc.)?
Please provide any anecdotes or testimonials about the background of participants and benefits of the program, such as:
• Descriptions of participants' lives - home, family, school, etc. and any changes since beginning the program
• Participants’ responses to the YBDF program.
• Participants taking their yoga, mindfulness, or meditation ("YMM") practice off the mat, using the programs tools in their daily lives to manage emotions, challenges, conflicts, etc
• Stories about the lasting influence YBDF programs have had on past participants.
Please upload any photos, videos, photo releases, or other documents.
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