Thank you so much for leading a club trip! We would not exist without our member-volunteers who keep the paddling opportunities coming. Please fill out this form. When you're done, send 5 photos from your trip and your trip leader headshot to the Trips Coordinator using the Email Us button below.

What to send? Smiling faces, happy paddlers, great scenery, campsite fun, wildlife, and anything that showcases the fun you and your paddlers had on your trip.

Please check out existing trip reports at to see how these elements will be used on our site. Thank you!
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Write your trip report out and copy and paste it here. Things you might include: co-leaders, how many people, conditions, length of paddles, special features of the body of water, campsite, or landscape, fun that was had, firsts on the trip, and anything else that would be fun to share. *
Your name as it will appear on the site as author of the trip report. E.g. Mary Smith or Mary S. or Paddling Mary. Please use a "real" name so when other club members meet you they can connect you with your trip report. *
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Send photos the Trips Coordinator using the Email Us button below.
Send your author photo & 5 pictures from the trip. TITLE YOUR FILES. Do not send files titled 39784932_8932y7459.jpg. Send files titled: Paddling Rainy Lake. Give each photo a unique title. The image file titles will auto fill as captions on the trip report.
Email your photos the Trips Coordinator using the Email Us button below. *
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