Call for Applications: ABLI 2019
The African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) Mentorship Program is a Bible Society of Kenya (BSK) initiative targeting young Christian adults who are already operating in different spaces of leadership in church and/or para-church organisations, Christian unions …etc.

The 6-months program is designed to impart mentees with skills to become effective community leaders committed to integrity, Compassion, Cohesion, Justice among other Biblical Values.

The program, fully sponsored by BSK (free), will be implemented by Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF).

This is an online application. However, if you experience any challenges, please download the form, fill it and send the attachment to

Section 1: Personal Information
Full Name *
Phone Number *
Email Address *
Date of Birth *
Gender *
Do you have any disability? If yes, which one?
Highest Level of Education *
County of Residence *
Share with us your understanding of being a 'Christian' ...are you one?
Section 2: Leadership
What is your passion? *
Would you say you are a leader? Please give an explanation for your answer. *
List leadership positions you've held in your lifetime and brief role you played.
Why do you want to join the ABLI Mentorship Program? And if so, what is your expectation in case you you are selected? *
Section 3: Commitment to the Program
This program will run for 6 months (February - August, 2019), if you are successful, do you commit to attend ALL the 8 sessions spread across the 6 months? *
Your financial investment to go through the entire 6-month program is KES. 5,000 (paid in installments or at once). Do you commit to make this payment? *
Any other information you wish to let the selection committee know about you?
Please attach your CV. *
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